Dissemination Content

PurpleGain COST Action 

Videos with the Summary of First Year

Daniel Puyol

Cristina Cavinato

Joana Fradinho

Raúl Muñoz

David Weissbrodt

Luisa Gouveia

Gabriel Capson-Tojo

Senka Vidović

Ioanna Vasiliadou

Baptiste Leroy

Immersive content from the

Water Lab at Delft University of Technology

Personal Experiences on STSMs from the First Reporting Period. Purple Gain COST Action

Darko Dimitrovski

Sandra Chacón

Miguel Palhas

Gayane Khachatryan

Luís Díaz

Laura Toubeau

Manon Gilson

Sona Barseghyan

Sladjana Krivosija

Raquel Lebrero

Mirjana Sulejmanovic

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