The Call for Abstract 1st Workshop Applied Physics to PPB-based Environmental Biotechnology is open until 28th February 2023.

The workshop is organized by Dr Daniel Puyol (Chair), Dr Joana Fradinho (Vice Chair), Dr Baptiste Leroy (WG1 Leader), Dr Ioanna Vasiliadou (Training Schools Coordinator) and Dr. Péter Maróti (MC member, head of the local organizing committee) in the frame of WG 1: Metabolic, biochemical, and biophysical mechanisms of PPB and mathematical models of the COST action (CA21146) – PURPLEGAIN. It will be held on 25th April 2023, Szegez, Hungary at Hotel Forrás Szeged.

The workshop is focused on two main topics: i) Biophysics of the light reactions of PPB: the capture of light, energy transfer and charge separation in the reaction centre and ii) Biophysics and metabolic mechanisms of the electron-bacteria interaction in bioelectrochemical systems. Development of specific conductive or semiconductive materials.

Find out in this link to participate in this first workshop.